The new browsing experience.
With a new infinite scroll, finish the vertical navigation at every line. Enjoy a new smooth and simple navigation.
Understand what you buy.
This is the end of double information and a mess in product pages, identify and find clearly what you need to know before making a deal.
New reviews.
Hard to read all the reviews to form your own opinion. Search interesting reviews by keywords to find what you want to know.
Unified experience.
A simple system of navigation also works for the mobile website and on application.
Unified experience
With a simple scroll down, you can find all the information you need on the product.
Smart contextual preview.
When you are hovering a product, to not only see a quick preview with more details like the price and more images, but also see similar products to continue browsing naturally.
Understand the algorithm.
One of the most fabulous things of Amazon, is the recommendation algorithm which is also the most mysterious thing… In the new interface, you get to understand clearly why you see these products and have the possibility to like or dislike to improve the algorithm.
Why I love Amazon
Amazon is not a simple shopping website. It is an entire lifestyle. I buy everything on Amazon because I can find everything. The service is always fast and perfect, and if not, I have the guarantee to have amazing customer support to solve any of my problems quickly.
The paradox of all innovative services proposed by Amazon is the website with ugly style back in the 2000s. Yes, now Amazon knows how to control and optimize every pixel of the website. But it’s not a really cool browsing experience. It’s efficient, quick, simple when you search for something but not cool to just browsing without a goal.
Why I want to change Amazon
The Amazon design is really simple when you look into the details, on the home page you have only the picture of the product, you have an optimization of all the space on all screen to show as many products as possible. So my challenge is to keep its simplicity and features while adding a more cool browsing experience.
The challenge
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