One home
Bubble of emotion
Live location
App connection
Continue to text everywhere
Find convesation, call, in one simple screen. The camera, the search and new message at thumb reach in the new navigation bar.
New style to talk about everyting with every one of your friends.
Continue your conversation without loosing track of your friends.
Connect your favorite apps to WhatsApp to share more than a simple text message.
Why I love WhatsApp
The challenge
WhatsApp is the most popular chat application I use, just because absolutly all my friends and family use it. iMessage is the most beautiful but reserved to Apple ecosystem and Messenger in not so universal and more for personnal usage when WhatsApp is for personal and professional usage.
Keep the simple promise of a simple chatting app, and add an orignal design to make the app cooler to use.
The philosophy of WhatsApp is amazing: create a simple chatting experiene without game or advertisement. The focus of the product is just perfect. But you still have the sensation to use an old application designed with the simple guideline of iOS 7 and Android Material Design, without original touch.
Why I want to change WhatsApp
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